Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chapter 12 - Surf and Strength

Silver handed me a checklist.
"Leaving Goldenrod," it said.
"Beat Whitney?" Check.
"Shop at the store?" Check.
"Gamble some?" Minimally, but check.
"Visit the underground?" Check.
"See Bill?" Well, he wasn't actually there, so no check.
"Get watering can?" Check.
"Get the radio?" Check.
"Get a bike?" I'm not a biking kind of guy, but I still got one, so check.
"Anything else?" Nothing of which I could think, so check. Time to head north.

We headed through Route 35 to get to the national park. Upon Timas's suggestion, I headbutted a tree to see what I may see.

Misako, EXEGGECUTE (female)
Chlorophyll; Modest (+Sp. Atk., -Atk.)
Lvl 12, National Park.

We went through to Route 36, fighting a few trainers along the way. Jenna was having fun demolishing the psychics and Cecelia was delighted to take down more Flying types, much to the chagrin of half of my party. However, we soon had to stop, as the route north was blocked. I approached someone wearing the uniform from the flower shop.
"Hey, this odd tree is blocking the route, so we can't get through." She mumbled to herself something about a watering can and I pulled mine out.
"Wow. You must have gotten a free one from where I work. I bet if you water that tree, it'll move. I don't think it is actually a tree."
Timas stepped forward. "Allow me," he said, grabbing the can. As he moved toward the tree, it shook a bit. He watered it and it jumped in rage. I saw it open its eyes - it was a pokemon! Timas quickly restrained it and I caught it, just in case I ever needed a fake tree.

Hershel, SUDOWOODO (male)
Rock Head; Rash (+Sp. Atk., -Sp. Def.)
Lvl 20, Route 36.

The woman was happy that the tree was gone. "You deserve a reward," she said. "These are Berry Pots. You can grow berries right in your bag."
"Cool," I said. "I've been looking to get more Lum berries."
"I have to go back to work now though. Have fun with those pots." She headed off in the opposite direction as we took to route 37. Night having just hit, a Hoot-Hoot jumped us. However, Silver decided not to make Luna jealous and to take it out.

We got to Ecruteak City shortly afterwards. A surprise was in the pokémon center though, as Bill was fiddling with the PC as we entered. "There," he said, "now it should work perfectly." He saw my pokédex sticking out of my bag and walked over to me. "You have a pokédex? Awesome. You should see me at my house sometime."
"We already tried that," Silver noted. "You weren't there."
"Ah, well, you should try again some time." With that, he left and we got to heal.
Afterwards, we explored Ecruteak. I couldn't get into the Bell Tower until after beating Morty, so I wandered around before heading into the burned tower, where he was said to be hiding. Jenna wanted to visit the dance studio, so we made that our next stop.
Inside, we saw a member of Team Rocket harassing another Kimono Girl. Silver and Jenna quickly dispatched him and we were greeted happily by the owner, how gave us the Surf HM as a reward.

When we left, Timas began musing. "You know," he said, "we'll need a water type at some point."
"I know. But after we've found Morty and found out what he wants in order for us to get into the Bell Tower I think we can deal with that."
"And how will you do that?"
"Well," Gideon said, "Olivine city to the west is a port city, so we could probably find someone there who would be kind enough to give us a decent fishing rod."
"Good point. We'll head there after we find Morty."
With that settled, we decided to survey the route to Olivine first. To our surprise, we met a new friend there.

Nick, TAUROS (male)
Intimidate; Impish (+Def., -Sp. Atk.)
Lvl 13, Route 38.

"Do you want to check the other route?" Silver said as we reentered Ecruteak.
"We certainly could, but only if there is grass right there. Otherwise, we'll head back right away."
We went and, while we found no grass, we saw some water at the base of a large mountain. A hiker came out and greeted us.
"Hello lads. Are you here to scale this mountain?"
"Not at the moment," I responded, "but maybe later."
"Not a bad choice," he said, "but if you wish to do that, you'll need this HM." He handed us a new HM and continued talking. "Strength is a powerful Normal type move, but it can also be used outside of battle to move boulders. Make sure a strong pokémon knows it."
"Oh yeah," Cecelia said, "that's me."
"Go for it," I said, tossing her the HM. "Just know that our friend Nick will get to learn that too. So don't break it."
"With my strength, I make no promises."
"Drama queen," Bella muttered.