Story Pokémon

This page is up-to-date with story pokémon. It contains all the pokémon who have been in my party and what level they are (approx. in many cases) in the story. It also has some brief information that may include (but may not include and is not limited to) where it was obtained, notable accomplishments, and personality quirks. It may later be updated with some other things...but for now, you have what you have.

In the Party
Timas - Bayleef - Lvl 20 - Miracle Seed
Timas was Quennel's starter, gotten in New Bark town. The two quickly bonded and Quennel first learned that pokémon could talk when Timas made a backhand comment about Lucius. Mono-grass and full of sass (towards Quennel, at least), he jokes with his trainer a lot but will always stick by Quennel.

Gideon - Pidgeotto - Lvl 21 - No item
First pokémon caught by Quennel, Gideon has been there from the start as well. He tends to be laid back and often just observes his trainer and fellow party members, but he has been known to have quite the useful suggestions. He also helped take on Bugsy.

Cecelia - Geodude - Lvl 21 - Hard Stone
Caught on Route 46, Cecelia was the next pokémon to join the team. She is very confident and sure of herself and does her best to assert her power - even when dealing with other party members. She solo'd the first gym, took out the strongest pokémon from the second and beat Lucius's starter during their last battles, along with being the major force against Whitney's strongest.

Bella - Beedrill - Lvl 21 - Shell Bell
Found as a Kakuna, she worried about how useful she could be and is now happy that she can support the team as a partial HM user/poisoner. She cares a lot for Quennel and often jokes with Cecelia, claiming that Cecelia is her meat shield. She destroyed the entire third gym, including the leader's first pokémon.

Jenna - Crobat - Lvl 23 - Lum Berry
Jenna joined the team at Dark Cave as a lowly Lvl 2. She soon helped Bella evolve in Sprout Tower and has now become the only pokémon on the team with dark-type moves. She is often soft-spoken, due to how unsure she is of herself, but she also helped Silver realize how important they all were to Quennel. She evolved twice in Burned Tower after facing off with Lucius.

Silver - Togetic - Lvl 21 - Soothe Bell
Silver was inside the mysterious egg that Quennel had to deliver to Elm. Returned to Quennel in Violet City so that he could hatch it, Silver came out after the trip to Azalea. During the travels to and from Elm's lab, Silver learned from Jenna about the bond that he could share with Quennel. He soon evolved into a Togetic and took out Lucius's first two pokémon in their next battle.

In the Box
Luna - Hoot-Hoot - Lvl 15
Luna was found on Route 31, right before Dark Cave. She rarely speaks, simply because she rarely has something to say. She is thoughtful, but she keeps to herself. She asked to go in the box after helping defeat Bugsy so that the team had room for Silver.

Spook - Gastly - Lvl 6
Spook was caught in Sprout Tower. Quennel does not like his nature, but he did try to train him. He stopped, however, saying that he may train him once he gets the experience share, as he claims that it is hard to train a ghost-type when the only pokémon around the same level are part normal.

Other Box Members (untrained)
Justin - Rattata - Lvl 4
Cyrus - Ekans - Lvl 7
Suzette - Zubat - Lvl 5
Rose - Magikarp - Lvl 10
Harry - Oddish - Lvl 5
Pierre - Aipom - Lvl 8
Randal - Drowzee - Lvl 12
Larten - Drowzee - Lvl 14
Misako - Exeggecute - Lvl 12
Hershel - Sudowoodo - Lvl 20
Nick - Tauros - Lvl 13
Sophie - Koffing - Lvl 14

At the Daycare
Wayne - Hoppip - (in at) Lvl 6

None yet. Woo!