Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chapter 4 - Bella and Jenna

I trained my new friends all day. Cecilia was really easy to work with and Gideon wasn't bad either, but Bella had some difficulties. She only knew harden, and that wasn't that helpful. But she was spirited...in her own way.
She didn't mind going out first, just because she knew she was still helping while setting herself up to be more powerful.
She also enjoyed seeing the cool new pokémon.
Well, cool if you consider a Rattata cool.

As I headed further up route 31, I saw that the pokémon battle that was blocking the road was now done. In fact, the losing trainer beckoned me over for a battle, hoping he could win against me.
He was wrong.
As was the winner of the previous battle, who then challenged me afterwards.
I continued on the route and got to the next route as night hit. I figured I would check and see if I could find anyone new. Turns out I could.

Luna, HOOT-HOOT (female)
Insomnia; Docile (N +Def., -Def.)
Lvl 4, Route 31

With my newly acquired friend, we kept up training and soon found a cave. It was dark, pitch black, so Timas suggested we explore it later. First, however, we did meet a new friend.

Jenna, ZUBAT (female)
Inner Focus; Docile (N +Def., -Def.)
Lvl 2, Dark Cave

Training the new gals took quick priority, and, thanks to an unwitting bug catcher (who gave me his phone number for some reason...), they were soon up to speed.

As I entered Violet, I saw Lyra. She handed me the Vs. Recorder, telling me I could record certain fights for posterity. I felt like she had something more to say, but her Marill wanted to race and so she had to chase it as she left.
When I got to the city, I healed my party before exploring with Bella at my side and Timas at my other (and Jenna following around in the air). We saw the sights, though we were not allowed in the gym until bested "the Sprout Tower test," and we soon saw an odd man.

"Help, you need? Make pokémon strong, you want?"
"Yes," Bella said. "Yes, we do!"
"Follow me, you should then."
He led us to a school where he claimed to be the teacher. It was "Earl's Pokémon Academy."
He spoke to us for a while about certain things (all of which we knew) before allowing us to leave. We went and healed the damage his bad English had done to our brains. While in the pokémon center, a man who was chatting with someone else on the phone spoke about a group known as "Team Rocket." He said that they were disbanded a few years back due to some kid, and that it was good riddance. With some of the acts he said they'd committed, I felt he had a point.

And then we entered the tower.
Sprout Tower, as one of the sages explained, will never fall because of its swaying center pillar. I am not sure if I agree and Bella seemed truly concerned about it, but we pressed on.
We got to the second floor and Jenna wanted to explore some. She found a Gastly who procedded to put her to sleep. Luckily, Luna stepped in to give it a taste of its own medicine.

Spook, GASTLY (male)
Levitate; Impish (+Def., -Sp. Atk.)
Lvl 4, Sprout Tower

After waking Jenna up, we found that the sages were ripe for her picking. Their Bellsprouts stood no chance. Bella soaked up experience as well, and we soon got to the top, with the sages we beat not only complimenting us but informing us of the wonderful treasure we would find at the top.
When we got there, Lucius had already stopped by. He had just finished with the Elder.
"You are strong," I heard the Elder say, "but foolhardy. You must treat your pokémon with love and respect, no matter how strong they are."
"You are a fool," he muttered as he walked away. "Anyone who advocates being nice to pokémon, especially the weak ones, stands no chance of beating me. You included," he said, spotting me.
"You are wrong," I said.
"Only strong pokémon who can win matter," he said, exiting with an escape rope.

I walked up to the elder, who was healing his pokémon.
"Welcome," he said. "I am here to see how strong the ties between you and your pokémon truly are. I hope you shall not disappoint."
And the final test began. Jenna easily took down his Bellsprouts and, though she fell asleep a few times, the elder's Hoot-Hoot proved no real problem for Cecilia.
"You battle elegantly," he said after our battle, "and certainly should be able to stand up to Falkner, if not best him."
"Thank you sir."
"As a reward, have this TM."
"Thank you," I said, not even looking at it.
I began to walk away when Cecilia stopped me.
"You might want to look at your awesome reward," Cecilia said.
"Really? Why?"
"Just trust me."
I looked at it and saw my prize. It was TM 70, Flash.

As we left the tower, a Rattata jumped Bella and myself, but Cecilia took care of it rather quickly. Help was not needed, however, because Bella evolved before our eyes and was now a beautiful Beedrill.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chapter 3 - New Buddies

"I must say," Timas said, "that Cyndaquil certainly fit that boy's fiery personality."
I paused and looked at Timas. "Really? Because I'm sure he thought he was cool."
We both started laughing. We're terrible, aren't we?

We continued our trip back to Elm's lab, but I had a feeling I already knew exactly what the professor's disaster had been.
Sure enough, we arrived and Elm was talking with a police officer. The officer spotted me and began to rant about how suspects always return to the scene of the crime and how he knew this because he was an amazing officer and so on and so forth... Basically, he was accusing me. Lyra came in to defend me.
"It wasn't him," she said. "I saw the boy who did it. He had red hair."
"Red hair," I said, not hiding my surprise. "I saw someone with red hair as I was leaving Cherrygrove."
"Really now? You did?" asked the officer.
"Yes, his name was Lucius. He had a Cyndaquil that I assume was stolen."
"Indeed it was, young man. And now I am off to find this hoodlum."

The officer left and Lyra did shortly thereafter, bidding me a good day as she did. Timas trotted around the lab as I chatted with Elm.
"So you called the police right away?"
"That's right. And then I called you."
"And was the officer there when you did that?"
"Hmm...why, yes, he was."
"So...why did he think I did it?"
"I have no clue."
There was a short lull and Timas hopped on my lap. I gave Elm the mystery egg and he looked at it briefly before turning his attention back to me.
"So I see you have a pokédex now."
"Yep. I met Professor Oak and he gave it to me."
"That's actually really good. Oak can tell potential in trainers like no other." He looked at Timas, sitting on my lap. "He really likes you too. You know, I think you should take the gym challenge."
"The gym challenge?"
"Yep. There are 8 gyms that you can challenge and then the pokémon league. You could become champion."
"Yeah, I guess I could." At the time, the thought didn't appeal to me. I wasn't like Lucien. I didn't want to be the best. But...if I did this, maybe I could keep Lucien on a better track. And that was reason enough. "Sure, I'll give it a shot."
"Great. You can at least try to tackle the gym in Violet City. From there, I guess you can decide whatever."
"Very true."
Elm and I chatted for a short while longer before I went and visited my mom. She thought the idea was a great way for me to learn about the world. She even told me that she'd save me some money. She wished me luck and sent me off. I think she may have been holding off tears.

When I got out of the city, I saw Lyra in the grass. She wanted to show me how to catch wild pokémon (and she did) and she then gave me some pokéballs. I set out catching as soon as she left, including finding a mountain base to the north of where I had just been.

Gideon, PIDGEY (male)
Keen Eye; Relaxed (+Def., -Speed)
Lvl 2, Route 29

Cecilia, GEODUDE (female)
Sturdy; Relaxed (+Def., -Speed)
Lvl 3, Route 46

Bella, KAKUNA (female)
Shed Skin; Bashful (N +Sp. Atk., -Sp. Atk.)
Lvl 4, Route 30

I decided to train my new friends before going any further.

Chapter 2 - Lucius

It was midday when I finally headed out of Cherrygrove. Or, rather, it was midday when I tried.
The boy I had seen earlier had just entered. The red-headed boy from outside Elm's lab. The one who had told me to buzz off.

This was going to be trouble.

He saw me immediately and scoffed at me.
"You are weak. I can't believe the old coot gave you a pokémon."
"...Excuse me?"
"You heard me. Now get out of my way. I have business."
"I'm afraid I can't let you do that."
"Then I'll force you out of my way." His hand reached for a pokéball on his belt and he let loose his pokémon. I recognized it as one of Elm's - the fire type he had had.
"Cyndaquil," the boy said, "let's go."
"Timas," I said, readying my pokéball, "time to teach this punk a lesson."

The fight was over quickly. While his pokémon may have been chosen in an attempt to outmatch me, he lacked the experience that Timas and I had. Our short journey had more than prepared us for the likes of him.
After he lost, he scoffed some more. "Maybe you aren't as weak as I thought. But it doesn't matter." He looked up at the sky and something fell from his pocket. He didn't notice. "I'm going to be the greatest pokémon trainer the world has ever seen. No one will be able to beat me then. Not even you."
He began to walk away and I stooped down to pick up what he had dropped. It was his trainer card. He glanced back and saw me. He quickly came back. "That's my card. Give it back!" He grabbed it from my hand and muttered something about his name.
His name...Lucius.

"Well," said a voice behind me, "I don't mean to be rude, but that guy was a jerk."
I looked behind me and saw that I was alone...except for Timas. He was looking at Lucien's trail. "I mean, you said he was a punk, but I think jerk is more apt."
"...Timas...did you just talk?"
"Yeah. You surprised?"
"You can talk."
"Then why are you surprised that I can talk?"

This was going to be a very long journey.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

I was listening to the radio in my room. It was Professor Oak's show.
He was explaining about the wonderful world of pokémon in which we live. I don't know why, but it felt like he was talking directly to me.

My name is Quennel. And this is my journey.

When the show was over, I left my room and went downstairs. My mom greeted me. She gave me a bag in which I could keep things and my trainer card. She also gave me some weird stuff called "options" and "save." I am somewhat afraid to mess with them...
She told me Elm wanted to see me, so I headed out to see him. When I left my house, I was greeted by a pokémon. A Marill, owned by my friend Lyra, ran out to see me. Lyra followed, coming from Elm's house. She collected her pokémon and bid me good evening. I proceeded to Elm's place.

When I got there, I found him blathering on about how pokémon are special and amazing creatures, something I already knew. He siad that walking with a pokemon outside of its ball may have some interesting effects, so he wanted me to try it. I didn't get his drift at first, but he then spelled it out.
He told me he would lend me a pokémon to do an errand for him. His friend, Mr. Pokémon (no first name, I guess), had a discovery, but he was to busy to check it. He wanted me to do so. I picked the friendliest one.

Timas, CHIKORITA (male)
Overgrow; Gentle (+Sp. Def., -Def.)
Lvl 5, New Bark Town.

Timas followed me back to my Mom's house. She thought he looked cute (as did Lyra...hmm...) and she also informed me that my pokégear was back from the shop. I noticed an odd red-haired boy loitering outside of Elm's Lab, but he told me to buzz off and I did. I went to head out on Professor Elm's quest, but he stopped me first, wishing to give me his number in case anything happened. We set out (and Timas sneezed when we hit the new route).
Seeing as it was night, Hoot-Hoot's were rampant, but nothing Timas could not handle. We got to the next city over, Cherrygrove City, and and an odd old man, calling himself the Guide Man, showed me the pokémon center, the pokémart, the sea, and his house. He was fast, much faster than I, but he claimed it was due to his shoes. He then gave me a new pair like his. I went and healed Timas and bought some supplies at the shop (but they had no pokéballs, which saddened me). We stayed the night at the center.

In the morning, we headed north to find Mr. Pokémon. The Guide Man stopped me before leaving to load a map on my pokégear.
Shortly after getting on the new route, a Weedle poisoned Timas. We rushed back to the center to help him survive, and afterwards, he was glowing with health. There was a house nearby, but inside was not Mr. Pokemon. Instead, it was another man insistent on giving me stuff. This one gave me a box for Apricorns, aptly titled the Apricorn Box.
As I traveled the route, a kid noticed my shoes. He informed me that, while they are nice to make the going quicker, they also attract trainers and wild pokemon. I took the shoes off for a while, just to be wary, and, sure enough, the young man was right.

The path forked up ahead, but one side was blocked by a "big battle," so I took the other route. It was littered with wild pokémon, including Weedles and Ledybas (who were basking in the morning sun), but again, nothing Timas could not handle. We soon made it to Mr. Pokémon's house.
Inside, there were two men. One saw me right away. Mr. Pokémon, as he calls himself, gave me a mystery egg for Professor Elm. He said that it may well have been an egg from a pokémon impossible to find in the region, but, no matter what, Elm would know. The other man then introduced himself as Professor Oak. He gave me a pokédex and his phone number as well (what is it with older men and giving me items and their phone numbers?) before leaving for his radio show. Mr. Pokémon, dodging my questions about his first name, informed me that he would heal Timas for me so I could get back to Elm quickly. As soon as I left his house, Elm called and informed me that some sort of disaster happened and I needed to get there quick. I ran all the way back to Cherrygrove before taking a short rest before continuing to New Bark Town.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Starting the challenge!!!

So, I have taken my first steps and started the challenge. As you can see from the sidebar, I have a progress marker, based on the few votes I got and some other things. I will update it when I save the game only. I will try to update after each decent save, but I may not always be able to if I am not near a computer.

Now that I have started and some people know, I feel it is only fair that I reveal that I chose Chikorita as my starter. I shall try to start writing actual updates soon, but for now, that is all you get to know unless you ask me (aside from, of course, whatever the progress bar says).

One last note...
Last time, I listed the things I must do before my runthrough is complete. I am adding a thing and changing the wording of some things.
The list is as follows.
Beat Elite Four.
Beat Blue (which means get all 16 badges)
Refight (and beat again) all Gym Leaders.
Beat the leveled-up Elite Four.
Beat Mewtwo.
Beat Red.

And that is the list.

And now, I am off to either sleep or make my way to Mr. Pokemon or take some notes.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

About, info, polls and links.

So…how many of you have heard of the Nuzlocke challenge? If you have not heard, fear not, for I shall explain it.

The Nuzlocke challenge started from one person deciding to replay Ruby with stricter rules. He posted a few comics of it and a Seedot –> Nuzleaf that he had with John Locke (from Lost, I guess…I never watch the show, so I wouldn’t know) became the posterboy and thus name of the challenge.

There are only two rules.

1) Any pokémon that faints is to either be released or to be put in a separate PC box, considered dead. (Most people release.)

2) You are only allowed to catch the first pokémon that appears on a route. If it faints or flees, too bad. These, plus gift pokémon and your starter, are the only pokémon you can use. (You can receive pokémon from the same place you caught one, such as Dragon’s Den with the gift Dratini or Iron Island with the gift Riolu egg. This probably won’t come up much though.)

So why am I posting this? Because I have decided to do a Nuzlocke challenge.

And I am going to document it here, on a blog just for it.

I am also going to add a few rules, some of which are optional rules while others are just self-imposed.

1) No trades, in-game or otherwise. The only exception is for trade-evolutions if I end up with one (or more) of those pokémon. [Personal]

2) No repels until after I catch/fail to catch the pokémon in that area. They are a waste of money anyway (and depending on the version, you can use them to get specific pokémon by waiting until a certain floor/room/whatever or by having a specific level in front as a cap of sorts). Certain things, however, are near impossible without them (like the basement of Wayward cave with all of its fun bike ramps). [Personal]

3) All pokémon must receive nicknames. It furthers the bond and makes it a bit more fun to read. [Optional]

4) No Legendaries. I do not think (if playing FR at least) I have the chance to get any without using repels, but I could get quite a few with Pearl. This does not mean I cannot catch them (as Palkia is the only pokémon in Spear Pillar), but just that I cannot use them. [Optional]

4.1) Legendary pokémon who are roaming do NOT count as first encounters on a route, even if they are the first encounter. I mean, really, I am not going to catch an Entei (or have it flee) on some random route and then lose that route as a chance to get a pokémons… [Personal]

5) No masterballs. You can possibly get multiple in Pearl, actually. But they are not allowed to be used. [Optional]

6) No breeding. Dittos can be found in any of these (I think, at least) but even outside of that, no breeding. Only eggs that are allowed are gift eggs like Togepi or Riolu. [Personal]

7) I may catch, but may not train, any shiny pokemon I run into other than the first on a route. If I do catch them, I must immediately transfer them to another game and delete the pokemon I got in exchange. [Personal, because I said so]

So like I said, I am going to document this. But how, you ask?

Here on a blog dedicated to it. I shall post the entry on the blog, then put it on FB (with a link to the blog in it).

The style will be a personal one from my trainer’s point of view, perhaps like a diary. I shall be writing it. Many have drawn them, but I suck at art and lack the want to attempt it (drawing pokémons is hard…) so writing it is. When I catch/recieve a new pokémon, I will put up a (small) stats thing. Every time after that, I will refer to them by name, most likely.

Nickname, POKÉMON SPECIES (Gender)

Ability; Nature (+stat, -stat)

Where caught/received

[Random] Example:

Rocky, GEODUDE (Male)

Sturdy; Adamant (+Atk, -Sp. Atk)

Rock Tunnel

(I’ll try to come up with better nicknames than “Rocky” though…)

I do not know how much I will put in each update. I do not know how spaced they will be. I do not know how long this will take me (though it may be eons in Silver). I at least, however, plan on having separate updates for important things like gym/rival/Team Rocket (or Galactic) battles. If you want news from me about it and I am not posting an update, just message me and I will try to get back to you with a roundabout of where I am and what I am doing.

There may be some things from interesting perspectives, since it will be through Trainer eyes. Just saying…

As a trainer, I do reserve the right to skip routes until later. For example, I will try for a Gible in Pearl if it ends up being that game. However, to do that, I must go to a certain area and enter a hidden entrance of a cave once I get the strength HM instead of entering the cave right away. This does not mean I will get a Gible (though if I could use repels, I could assure I’d get to that floor, at least [which is an example of how repels could be viewed as cheating…]).

Anyway, I have a few polls for you guys.

First, I can do this in either Fire Red or Pearl. I would prefer to do this in Pearl. I have read a comic (link below, the art does improve) of a play through of Leaf Green in this manner and I would prefer not to follow in those exact footsteps. However, I will leave it up to you guys to decide which.

NOTE: I would put Silver on here, but I would prefer to not do Silver, just because my things from one DS game are being transferred to the other and, quite frankly, Silver is the better to keep everything on. Also, it would take quite a long time to go through this to Red and E4 refight…

However, if there are many votes for it, I may consider it.

Secondly, what starter should I choose?

In Fire Red, my options are Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur.

In Pearl, my options are Chimchar, Piplup and Turtwig.

In Silver (just for coverage), the choices are Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita.

I would prefer not to do Squritle in Fire Red just because you get Lapras as a gift pokémon and you can also assure you get a water type where you cannot assure you get a grass or fire type (though you can evolve Eevee into Flareon, I suppose).

Likewise, in Pearl, you get Lucario as a gift pokémon, which has both Piplup and Chimchar’s secondary types. And again, many possibilities for water types there too.

I guess that Silver is the only game where I really wouldn’t complain about using the water type because Totodile is an amazing physical water type in 4th gen, better than Quagsire, who is my standby buddy. Again though, the same argument about water types does arise. However, the only gift pokémon in this game are Togepi and Dratini, so no problems with redundant gifts.

Anyway, that choice I will leave to you. I do reserve the right to override the choices if it seems like you guys are choosing things just to make this a lot harder on me or piss me off.

Finally, any name suggestions? I will accept suggestions for my character or for any random pokémon I may encounter (starter’s included).

Again, the questions are as follows:

Which game version?

Fire Red (3rd gen remake of 1st gen)

Pearl (4th gen game)

Soul Silver (4th gen remake of 2nd gen) [Votes for this may be overruled, but you can still vote for it]

What starter pokémon?

[See above for lists]

Name suggestions?

Anyway, I will decide on lengths once I get the game specified. However, thoughts now are to Mewtwo/E4 refight in FR, Red (with E4 refight before as a possibility) in SS and Heatran/all areas explored in Pearl (damn, there is no good post-E4 stopping point, is there?). I will also put up a list of every area (and maybe some sort of checklist) once the version is decided (as the safari zone has multiple areas and some routes and caves do actually have multiple [legitimate] parts).

Oh, and another thing...

I have no clue when I will actually start this. I might have to wait until summer...

But you'll know when I do start it.

Appropriate links:

Comic previously mentioned (and style for which I may shoot):


Bulbiapedia article on the Challenge, in case you don’t believe me or want another source:


Another few polls, starting info and place checklist.


The following presupposes you read the other post...

So, the (two) votes are in and I have decided to disregard them both and go with Soul Silver as my game choice. Why? Because I am halfway through a Fire Red game I do not want to restart and Pearl has no good stopping point.

Again, the Nuzlocke challenge is one where I can only attempt to catch the first pokémon I see on a route and any fainted pokémon is considered dead and must be released or permanently boxed.

But first, I have a few more polls for anyone who will be reading the adventure.

1) What should my character's name be? And any requests for my rival's name?

2) Do you want a running checklist of caught pokémon?

3) Do you want a current standing at the end of each update (or a current standing period) that would display how many pokémon I have lost or anything else? If so, understand that it will contain vague spoilers.

4) What should my character's outlook on the world be? Should I be innocent or hardened? Should I be knowledgeable or naive? Basically, how should my character view the world and the pokémon within it?

Feel free to answer any and all of these. Oh, and one last one...

5) Are there any pokémon that you want me to give a specific nickname if I catch (gender or personal feelings may cause me to override this one...)? I will be willing to accept these at any time during my play through, provided I still have the chance to catch one.

And now for some starting info...

I have decided what starter I am choosing, though you won't find out until I post it.

A couple of things...

I may or may not choose to do the bug catching contest. If I do it, I can, of course, only catch a pokémon in it once (the first time) and then only the first pokémon. But I may decide to do that instead of going for the pokémon that would regularly be in the national park. It is, however, a great way to train fire or flying types, so I may still enter more and just not catch anything for grinding purposes.

Any roaming legendaries that I happen to encounter first on a route will not count. In my last play through, this DID happen with Entei on a route, not that it mattered, since I would have just missed catching a Meowth. However, on the off chance that it prevents me from getting something actually useful, I am stating this now.

I can catch pokémon in towns. There are three ways for me to do this -- surfing, fishing, and head-butting trees. Of course, only the first pokémon I run into via any of these manners combined counts. But I am going to try for a Herracross via head-butting trees, and this is the way I got my Poliwrath (then a Poliwhirl, I believe) in my last play through.

I said it before, but I will repeat -- no transferring pokémon or trading pokémon in any way. The only time I can is for trade evolutions, which are few and far between. This means no Pal Park or anything of that nature.

Hoenn sound and Sinnoh sound (radio stations that allow me to catch pokémon from either of those two lands) are not allowed, even after the national pokédex, peroid.

And of course, pokémon I run into before I get pokeballs do not count as pokémon I can catch.

The plythrough ends after all of the following have happened (and the plan is this order):

Beat Elite Four first time

Beat Blue (meaning I had to have 15 badges first)

Refight every gym leader

Refight leveled up Elite Four

Fight Red

And now, a place checklist. Please inform me if I am missing anything...

NOTE: Some of these may be split. For example, there may be outside and inside of Mt. Silver or both parts of Dark Cave. Or there may not. This is to be determined.


New Bark Town

Route 29

Route 46

Cherrygrove City

Route 30

Route 31

Dark Cave

Violet City

Sprout Tower

Route 32

Ruins of Alph (so skipping until later in hopes of a Natu...)

Union Cave

Route 33

Azalea Town

Ilex Forest

Route 34

Goldenrod City

Route 35

National Park

Route 36

Route 37

Ecruteak City

Tin Tower

Burned Tower

Route 38

Route 39


Route 40

Whirl Islands

Route 41

Cianwood City

Cliff Edge Gate

Route 47

Cliff Cave

Route 48

Safari Zone (and all its different zones - I do not know if they technically count as one or many)

Route 42

Mount Mortar

Mahogany Town

Route 43

Lake of Rage

Route 44

Ice Path

Blackthorn City

Route 45


Route 27

Tohjo Falls

Route 26

Route 23 (No wild pokémon in this gen, methinks...)

Victory Road

Indigo Plateau (nothing here either...)

Vermillion (because I have to boat on over...)

Route 6

Saffron City (Don't think I can get anything here either...)

Route 5

Cerulean City

Route 9

Power Plant (First priority...)

Rock Tunnel

Route 10

Lavender Town

Route 7

Route 11

Diglett's Cave

Route 2

Pewter City

Viridian Forest

Viridian City

Route 22

Route 3

Route 4

Mt. Moon (Can you get wild pokémon?)

Route 24

Route 25

Route 8

Celadon City

Route 16

Route 17

Route 18

Route 12

Route 13

Route 14

Route 15

Fuchsia City

Pal Park (Yeah...no...)

Route 1

Pallet Town

Route 21

Cinnabar Island

Route 20

Seafoam Islands

Route 19

Route 28


Mt. Silver