Other Runs


I do play other pokémon games, so I figure I can have a page for updates for those here, in case you were bored.

Fire Red: Nuzlocke Challenge
This is my fifth run through of this game, but I never did a Nuzlocke and I decided to do one out of boredom one day.

Colosseum: First Run!
This is an interesting game. I am...um...maybe a third done? It is really hard to measure your progress.
Shadow Pokémon purified/obtained/available thus far/total: 19/20/20/48 (I have one of three legendary dogs. Does that help at all? I didn't think so...)
Gift Pokémon obtained/total: 3/4 (the fourth is Ho-oh - that'll be a while...)
Will update next time I play.

XD: Gale of Darkness: First Run!
Also an interesting game. I have just started.
Shadow Pokémon purified/obtained/available thus far/total: 3/3/3/83(?)
Gift Pokémon obtained/total: 1/5 (the others are trade pokémon)
Various Wild obtained/total: 0/9 (cannot get to these spots yet)

Espa Roba - Espeon: lvl 12
Kuriboh - Teddiursa: lvl 13
Téa - Poochyena: lvl 12

Pearl: Poison Monotype Challenge!
I have been running through this. I did some breeding to get good natured pokémon.
Progress: 2 badges
Gengar: lvl 30
Crobat: lvl 27
Roselia: lvl 27
Dustox: lvl 25
Skorupi: lvl 12
Crogunk: lvl 12

White: First run!
I have beaten the E4 and this games pre-credits stuff. I am hunting down the six sages, but I have to train due to a 10 level jump in trainer pokémon level. On the bright side, I now have an army with all of my old SS (and some of my old Pearl) pokémon here.
Scrafty: lvl 53
Serperior: lvl 51
Haxorus: lvl 51
Galvantula: lvl 51
Excadrill: lvl 51
Swanna: lvl 50
Carracosta: lvl 50
Chandelure: lvl 46
Vanillish: lvl 46