Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chapter 13 - Out of the Frying Pan and Into Burned Tower

After heading back to Ecruteak and looking around a bit more for Morty, we had only one place left - the Burned Tower.
"He has got to be in there," Silver said. "He has to be. There is nowhere else he could be in this city."
"And, quite frankly," Timas added, "he wouldn't dare leave. The only question is do we need to prepare..."
"I doubt we'd need anything more than me," Cecelia said.
"If you are so sure," I said, "why don't you lead the way?"

We entered the building and it immediately felt like a different world all together. It was dark, mostly. There were no lights but part of the upper floors and roof were gone, leading to some light coming in from the outside. The entire building smelled very musty. It somehow felt very humid too, as if the building itself had its own problems with humidity.
Looking around, it was obvious that the tower was in shambles. The upper floors were decrepit and completely inaccessible. Even if you could get to them though, you would not be able to move around as there was little floor on every floor. I could clearly see the floor beneath me (which housed some interesting creatures) through large gaps between me and some odd people on the other end of the building.
Looking down in the gap, I saw three majestic... quadrupeds. They looked very interesting, almost indescribable. The three beasts each looked different - the red looked scraggy and rough, the yellow looked sleeker and fierce and the blue looked serene and calm. They all sat down below me. I could see the stairs there.
I could also see three people in the way, two of whom I didn't know but the first who I knew all too well.

"Well well well, if it isn't Quennel," Lucius sneered. He looked down at the three pokémon. "Those are the legendary beasts. You know that, right? Their power is unequalled by regular pokémon. They are powerful... fierce...just like me. And that is why I want them."
"How wonderful is that," Silver responded. "I bet they are nicer."
"Watch it, you egg thing."
"And you watch it," Cecelia said. "Don't go threatening my friends."
"What are you gonna do about it, rocky?"
With that, Lucius sent out his Gastly. Jenna quickly flew in to battle. The two exchanged glares before Jenna swooped in and bit it, taking it down with one hit. Lucius sent out his own Zubat, prompting Silver to join in. Silver shot off an extrasensory while avoiding supersonic attacks to take it down. After that, Cecelia stepped up, magnituding Lucius's Magnemite and chucking a nice rock throw to critical hit his Quilava.
Lucius glared at me. "You know, out of desperation, weak people sometimes do okay at fighting back. I guess that's all there is to it." He looked down at the beasts again. "You would never be able to catch one of them anyway. They are too strong, too powerful, too...malicious for you." With that, he walked off. I caught Jenna glaring back at him. She then started to glow...
Jenna grew larger. Her wings became much more profound and, beyond that, so did her ears. Her lower appendages became feet and she grew a visible set of eyes. She was now a Golbat.

"Yay! I evolved!"
"Indeed you did," I said. "Which helps to make you even cooler."
"I must agree," said a man from behind me. He was on the tall side and wore an odd purple suit with a white cape. "Although I have not used one, I have found Golbats and Crobats to be interesting pokémon." He bowed. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Eusine. I am here because of one of the legendary pokémon down there - the serene Suicune. One day Suicune will be mine...but it must accept me first. I have been following it for a while but I am afraid to move closer, lest the three of them flee."
"Suicune is a magnificent beast. Do not listen to that fool who battled you. They are powerful but wonderful as well. And Suicune shall be my partner one day. Of that, I can assure you." He nodded to Jenna and went on his way. The third person between me and the stairs then approached.

"I have not seen you before. I take it you are new to this city?"
"Yes, I am. I come here on a long journey."
"What is your goal?"
"Ultimately? Or at the moment?"
"Well, now I am attempting to prove myself as a pokémon trainer, I guess, though I suppose my ultimate goal is to better the world somehow. Not that I know how. I also guess another goal would be to further the relationship between human and pokémon. Professors Elm and Oak have both entrusted me with that goal, so to speak."
"I believe I can help you with one of your goals. And you can help me with one of mine. And we can do it the same way."
"This guy is confusing me to no end," Cecelia muttered.
"Oh hush," Bella said. "It is getting good."
"Anyway," the man continued, "I am this town's protector. I am Morty, the gym leader. I am here for many reasons. One, however, is the legend of this city. Long ago, a golden hued pokémon came and blessed this town. We built towers to its glory...but we have forsaken it. It set this tower on fire, or at least its will did. And, because of this, we let it stand as a reminder. We wish for this pokémon to come back some day. I wish for this. But I must become a better trainer for that to happen. Just as you wish to do so. Therefore, we shall battle."
"Sweet," Cecelia said. "Let's go right now."
"Not so fast, my friend. Two days time. Then I will be ready. But I must prepare. And confer with some people. Once you have beaten me, you may enter Bell Tower, the one to the legendary pokémon." He smiled. "Of course, that means you must beat me. It is my goal to get stronger. It is why I became a gym leader. Battling you will help, I am sure."
He stepped aside. "You may go down there, but I am sure they will flee if you do. Not that that is a bad thing, but it is rather a certain one."
"Thank you for all of the information."
"Do not mention it. I feel a destiny about you. I am sure my old friend Eusine did too, or else he may not have spoken to you." He smiled. "But that does not mean I will let you see Ho-oh before me."
He then left and I had the stiars in front of me (and a few trainers just beyond them to sweep as well.
After dealing with the fire-breathers, Jenna was felling very good and started to glow again. Her body actually got smaller. Her feet become anterior wings and her eyes got fiercer. When she ceased glowing, she was now a purple color instead of the blue she was prior.
"Sweet! I am a Crobat now! Awesome!"
"Indeed it is. We should test you out."

Sophie, KOFFING (female)
Levitate; Jolly (+Speed -Sp. Atk.)
Lvl 14, Burned Tower.

With another new pokémon in tow, we headed downstairs. We were able to see the beasts up close for only a second, as they quickly fled, just as Morty had predicted. Suicune, however, gave us a close look before departing. After exploring this level a bit further, we decided to go back to the pokémon center.

"So what now?" We were lounging when Cecelia asked me that question. "Do we wait it out?"
"No," I said. "We train. But if we have two days, we can probably also head down to Olivine and over to Ecruteak. We may get some new pokémon and it will give me a chance to round out your levels and train Nick. And maybe, just maybe, I'll find an electric type."
"So where first then," Bella asked. "Olivine for a rod?"
"No. Mt. Mortar and then Ecruteak. That sounds good to me."

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